JUAMI 2016: Materials for Sustainable Energy

May 29 - June 10, 2016, Arusha Tanzania

Born in 2012 as the Joint-US Africa Materials Institute, JUAMI aims to build materials science research and collaborations between the Africa and the United States as well as others, with the broadened audience recognized in the revised name, Joint Undertaking for an African Materials Institute. Ties are created between young materials researchers from different parts of the globe through a series of international schools and workshops taught by leading materials scientists and engineers. The next upcoming JUAMI event is a two-week school to be held May 29 - June 9, 2016 in Arusha, Tanzania, co-hosted by the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST). Building on the success of the first JUAMI school, the lectures will focus on Materials for Sustainable Energy, covering areas from dye-sensitized solar cells to thermoelectrics and fuel cells.

A Brief History of JUAMI

The first JUAMI school was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from December 9 - 21, 2012, on the topic of materials for sustainable energy. The 2013 JUAMI Symposium, part of the Africa MRS meeting, reviewed what has been accomplished in JUAMI's first year and promoted a vision for the future of international materials science collaboration. The 2016 workshop is a continuation of this effort.

Program Features

JUAMI features tutorials on cutting-edge energy materials topics, hands-on experiments and learning activities, and research seminars by top materials scientists. As with the first JUAMI school, the JUAMI fellowship program will fund US and African students to attend and participate in the two week school. Applications will be accepted through March 15, 2016.

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Join Us

We invite you to join us for a unique combination of exceptional scientific content and deep cross-cultural exchange! All expenses (of both instructors and students) are fully covered through JUAMI, for which we gratefully acknowledge the support of the US National Science Foundation. Apply today and join an international group of materials researchers dedicated to changing the world.